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Wiktor and Borys

Our sons Wiktor, Borys and Alexander were born three months premature as a result of complications during my wife’s pregnancy.

Unfortunately, Alexander suffered severe brain damage and passed away a few hours after birth. For a month, the doctors battled constantly to stabilise Wiktor and Borys.

Wiktor and his mum take part in the Noah's Ark Sports Day with Tottenham Hotspur star Kyle Walker-Peters

After three months of care, Borys was finally discharged from the hospital, though Wiktor had to stay in the Intensive Care Unit for a year battling for his life. During this time, he suffered several life-threatening complications which caused Cerebral Palsy. Wiktor is unable to talk but has developed his own way of communicating his emotions. His illness affects the muscles in his hands and legs which hinder his movement, however it doesn’t stop him from playing with his toys or showing acts of excitement by gently kicking his legs.

Wiktor enjoys playing with his sensory toys and loves his games for children with special needs. He also enjoys watching his favourite programme Something Special. Wiktor needs our 24-hour care and commitment. Apart from the regular duties of changing and cleaning, his medication and liquid food are ingested directly into his stomach through a tube.

Flu has threatened Wiktor’s life on three occasions, resulting in him being admitted into hospital. His difficulties swallowing cause further complications, as excess saliva and mucus can block his airway or lungs. Such a scenario has seen him also admitted into hospital under the Intensive Care Unit in an attempt to unblock his respiratory system. His lungs get weaker every time such equipment is used on him, so he needs regular physiotherapy to loosen the mucus in his lungs and airway.

The torment we face every time Wiktor is rushed off to an Intensive Care Unit is mentally and physically exhausting. Our son is disabled and the reality is that there is nothing we can do to change that, however, we want the best for him because we love him so much. Noah’s Ark has supported us since July 2009.

Wiktor, Borys and their parents were photographed by Rankin with Giovanna and Tom Fletcher for Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday

Our children are always happy to take part in the inclusive events and outings. Last year, the summer ball yet again provided lots of activities for children with additional needs. My sons loved the sensory activities and group singing, and Wiktor especially loved the bubble machine. These activities greatly help Wiktor’s development.

One of the services that provides great support to our family is the Sibling Support Programme. My son Borys has the opportunity to spend time with other children and engage with them. It allows us the freedom to devote more time to Wiktor. When Rebecca, our Specialist Carer, plays with Wiktor it greatly benefits him. It also allows us to catch up with important housework, which is a bonus.

This wonderful charity has been like one big family, aiding us through joyous and sorrowful moments. They are always eager to help and most importantly, thanks to them, all the children are happy and they feel included.


Together we built The Ark. Now help us bring it to life for children like Wiktor and Borys.

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