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Step The Globe

01 JANUARY 2021 - 31 DECEMBER 2021

Have you ever wanted to explore the world from home?

Why not climb Mount Everest or take on the Three Peaks? How about hiking Mont Blanc or trekking to Machu Picchu?
Now you can with Noah's Ark... virtually, of course!

 Choose your goal. Challenge yourself. Support Noah's Ark.

To succeed in the Noah’s Ark Step The Globe challenge, you must walk the distance it would take to complete a trek to the destination of your choice. Your steps can be completed out and about on your daily exercise, climbing the stairs indoors, walking around your garden or a combination of your choosing. The challenge must be completed in 12 weeks, making it perfect for isolation. All you need to get started is your preferred mobile fitness app, a website such as Strava or a wearable fitness tracker.

If you have a particular trek in mind that you would like to virtually complete, take a look online and see how many miles the trek will take.  The average number of steps it takes a person to walk a mile is 2,250 steps.  So, in order to get to your Step The Globe target you will need to multiply the number of miles of your chosen trek by 2,250.  If you don't have a trek in mind, take a look at some of our suggestions below.

Why not do the challenge as a family or group of friends? All combining your daily step count to eventually reach the total steps number for your chosen trek. How far away does your furthest friend live? You could virtually walk to them or they could meet you half way.

Set up your JustGiving page now to join the Noah's Ark Step The Globe challenge and start fundraising.  Share your JustGiving page with as many friends, family members and colleagues as possible and don't forget to tag us in any photos on social media  -  we'd love to find out where your off to and how you're getting on.

Let's get going, let's Step The Globe!



Alternatively, you can use VirginMoneyGiving to set up your own fundraising page.




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